Author Topic: Quick Getting started steps for Newbies  (Read 1971 times)

September 16, 2009, 05:05:25 AM
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I am a new buyer of WDTV 1.02.7 myself and so far I am really liking it. I bought it for 70 GBP, and basically for this price, there is not much that comes close. A new version 2 is meant to come out in October (after the German PhotoKina 2009 - 2nd largest tradeshow after cebit, that focuses on Photography and Home Cinema). There is an "Alternatives thread" for those that are still deciding on what to buy.

Here is a basic quick steps guide:

1.  WDTV, power cable, HDMI cable (or composite), Audio cable e.g. Toslink Fiber optic audio cable
2.  USB HDD - NTFS or FAT32 formatted (NTFS will allow larger single file sizes)
3.  Connect WDTV to TV and check in settings for latest firmware - check latest official firmware and instructions for upgrade
4.  IF upgrading - extract the 2 files from ZIP file into ROOT of USB HDD and in WDTV menu select upgrade - see official instructions
5.  Tool to convert your movies - decide / test formats to your likings
6.  MKV format - is a great tool (1:1 quality, audio tracks, chapters, subtitles remain)
7.  ISO format - DVDshrink or other tool to create ISO image
8.  AVI - DivX - DivX converter tool of choice e.g.
9.  Create a folder on USB HDD e.g. Movies
10. Create folders on USB HDD under this e.g. Movie_1, Movie_2
11. Make sure Folder name, Movie file name and image jpg file all have the same name e.g. Movie, Movie.mkv, Movie.jpg
12. Copy content to USB HDD
13. Connect USB HDD to WDTV
14. Power on WDTV and browse to Videos, wait a few seconds, cover art will be displayed, use remote to navigate
15. Music - mp3 files for example, tag them with names, cover art, copy to a folder e.g. Music > Album_name

Hope this helps