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Best online site for SRT subtitle files?

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When I backup a BD to hard disk, I use Clown BD to get to the SUP file and then convert them to SRT using suprip.  Does anyone have a suggestion for the best online site to download these files already converted?  Will it work just as well as the tedious process I normally go through?  Thanks!

As I'm Dutch, I often check :

For other languages, you might wanna check this :

and I'm sure there are a lot more sites. Just google for it.

Thanks....after checking around on the search engines I do believe the subscene site is the best.

This one checks and others

I've noticed that most every subtitle file I try to mux is off sync with the video...after hit and miss (sometimes trying four or five different files) I usually finally find one that syncs. I have found it easier to just use Clown to extract the sup file and then convert it to srt and mux that file with the video and audio I converted with MeGUI.  As time consuming as this is, it is easier than trying one file after another to find one that will work.


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