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I have created this forum to discuss the wonderful new media player from Western Digital.   This is sort of a cross over device that a lot of people are buying, but they don't really understand how to use.   We will remedy that!  The WDTV is an inexpensive media player that has a wealth of features, many of which are complicated to use when you don't understand the underlying terminology.  We will go into all the different media on this site.  Enjoy!

And, don't be afraid to ask questions!  :)

Thanks for putting this thing together.  After researching popcorn hour and such, there doesn't seem to be anything like the wdtv for $99

Just wanted to add my thanks for putting this forum together.

Just got my WDTV today, mainly because I was looking for a way of ripping my CD collection to a digital format that didn't mean having to have a laptop on all the time... and without breaking the bank in the process.

So far, just a couple of hours into it, seems to have been a good choice.

Look forward to sharing some experiences and tips with the rest of ya!


Thank you Andy13870 and Nograde1 !

It is indeed a great unit for the price.   I look forward to your contributions to our discussions.

Great site.... Excellent work... My father and I both have WDTV units and are always looking for a support community for them.  Glad I found ya.


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