Author Topic: Widescreen Films that are in 4:3 mode DVD ripping Help!  (Read 3831 times)

October 30, 2009, 12:23:40 PM
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there actually IS a way of getting rid of borders AFTER encoding/compressing a video WITHOUT the need to re-compress it - the MKV container offers a flag to define what shall be cropped from all four sides - so while in fact the video still has the black borders, the device/software that plays the video is provided with information how much it shall crop from the video. while VLC software player supposedly supports this (meaning it DOES apply some cropping if the cropping-parameters are set, it crops quite wrongly however), WDTV regrettably still doesn't. it would be a nice feature, i hope it will be implemented some day.

I did try that a while back, but the vid just wouldn't play on the wdtv - let's hope an update fixes this - would be very useful.

you mean, the file didn't play at all?! i also tried this, my file played without problems, it just didn't crop the borders.

please, help me get the author of WDLXTV to implement this! :-)
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