Author Topic: No OSD if I playing Multimedia  (Read 696 times)

August 09, 2009, 06:17:43 AM
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I have an WDTV with B-Rad 0.5.5 with driver rt73.ko, and

The WDTV Starts without Problemen, it prints no IP, then it search all USB devices.After searchung then the menu stopps, I can't chance the folder or Menu. The printed picture stopps.

Now I put the WDTV with Remote Control off, 5 secondes later on. Now printed the device IP: 192..... . The IP is fixed in the net.config.

Now I can browse without problems, I can start Music, Moives an Pictures, but I havn't noch OSD, I can't fast forward Movies and can't chance the Audio.

This Problem is at the begining, but last week I havn't this Problem, for sample the fast forward works or I couled chance the Audio.

So long..