Author Topic: Problem/Delay Getting TV to see WDTV Source via HDMI  (Read 947 times)

July 17, 2009, 06:33:31 AM
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I use my WDTV with 2 TVs, and use HDMI to connect.    When I move the WDTV to another TV I have a problem....

After I connect the HDMI cable, I use the TV Remote to choose the HDMI source/input.
Both TVs have problems detecting the WDTV.  I usually try powering off/on both TV and WDTV, a few times.  Eventually - after a  minute or 2, the TV sees the WDTV and I can use it.

I dont have my WDTV firmware version with me, but I downloaed/installed the latest about 2 weeks ago.

I expect the TV to see the WDTV/HDMI input immediately.
Is this a known behavior, or might I have a problem?
Does it matter if the WDTV and/or TV are on or off when I connect them?
Or which unit is powered on first/second after I connect them?