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Network share not working - Windows 10


I have a wired network with two PCs and WDTVLive. Until yesterday WDTVLive worked fine, using "Network Share". Now it will not connect using Network Share.

Both PCs can access files stored on the other PC, so the network is working.

WDTVLive displays YouTube and iPlayer correctly, which supports the idea that the network is functioning properly.

The "Media Server" option works fine, but it's not what I want.

The network settings use the correct name for my Homegroup.

I have restarted all modems, PCs and WDTVLive to no avail.

I have reset the WDTVLive to its defaults, again to no avail.

I have also sworn at the device, which cheered me up, but didn't fix the problem.

I would greatly appreciate some relevant advice, please.



Rev Drew:
I've had some trouble with apps since a recent Windows 10 update, you may have to reconfigure shares, mine were showing as working, but they weren't, I had to undo, then redo, all of them. Also a bunch of apps had to be reconfigured in the windows firewall.


As with every problem I've experienced with WDTVLive, the root of the cause was Microsoft. The recent Windows 10 update altered the networking options, not to my advantage.

Here's what I did, should anyone else experience this problem.

Open Network and Sharing centre in Windows
Choose either WiFi or Ethernet on the left of the screen
Choose "Change advanced sharing options" on the right of the screen
Go down to "All Networks"
Turn off password-protected sharing

At least, that seems to have worked for me.




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