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January 14, 2017, 09:46:23 PM
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I have have a WDTV media player for several years but only ever have used it for playing back from USB.  I know that the unit is old & they aren't making these anymore but this one still works.

I recently got a Cat Cable installed in the house which connects the TZ in living room & WDTV box to my PC.  I don't know for certain which model that I have but I think that its the 2nd gen & I have its a serial number.

A fellow set this up for me & I don't know much about it since he created a home network for me.  I can now see with a lot of difficulty of going through menus a video in TV which comes via network from PC.  But to do so I have to go through many menus to do so.

Can I simplify this someway like for instance not having choices about network like Public,Private,Shared?  I don't need this as its only ever going to ever connect for videos?

If so do I make these deletions on the PC or do I have to edit somehow on the WDTV itself?  Failing this is it possible to streaming this by using shortcuts that skip several links in the file tree?  If so how is this done.

Thanks in advance
Thanks in advance