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Locking Down New Members


Hey guys!  Just a quick update.  I have closed to site to new signups for now.  We have been inundated with spammers lately and I don't have time to deal with them.  The site still has hundreds of visitors a day looking for WDTV info so I am going to keep it running.   

Although there will be no new signups for the time being, anyone already a member can still post of course! :)

Have a great 2017  8)


Rev Drew:
That sounds like a great idea, I suspect if someone has a friend that wants to sign-up, they should contact you to get the ball rolling?
And if that friend is a spammer, they both get booted... lol

Yes people can email me if they want to sign up.  I can add them manually :)

jay (at) jayallan.com


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