Author Topic: Bug v1.02.10 -> Media library shows no mp3 ID TAG only filename  (Read 990 times)

July 09, 2009, 08:58:49 AM
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sorry, pls move to bugreport  :P

Hello to all,

I use my WDTV only to sort my mp3s. Every album has an folder.

 If I choose Media library and use "Folder", WDTV show me tumbnail from the album tag. Fine

1. When I open now the folder only the filename is showen on the screen, not the ID TAG.

2. When I open one track from the folder I have the same error again, only filename not ID TAG but album, artist and genre will be showen correct (from ID TAG)

3. The files are sort regarding filename not ID TAG (tracknumber in ID TAG)

regards Kirk
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