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How I converted 154 episodes of Star Trek on DVD to my WDTV

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One of the projects I have always wanted to do is convert all my TV show box sets to a media server.  With the WDTV that is now a reality. 

My first project is the complete Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series.  (Yes I am a geek) It is seven seasons of 24 episodes.  All an hour long. Each season is 7 DVDs.

Because the WDTV does not support DVD menus I wanted to save each episode as a separate file. 

I also wanted to keep the 5.1 surround and the quality had to be at least 90% as good as the DVD.

Here is how I did it.

Using DVDfab I scanned each disk and identified the chapters that contained episodes. 

They are the 4 chapters that are 43 minutes long.   Then using VOB/passthrough I saved each episode as a single vob file.  IE DS9.So1Eo1.vob

Now I had 4 individual files that are full size, full rez episodes.   These will play on the WDTV and give you 100% the same quality as the original DVD.

These files however are 1.8 GB or so each!

So next I used Auto GK   which is an amazing program and is FREE.   

I batch processed each vob into and XviD AVI file using the 700 MB setting.  In advanced settings I also selected the AUTO WIDTH and ORIGINAL AC3 AUDIO TYPE.

You can load dozens of files into the que and just let it run overnight or while you are at work. 

Many people put an hour show at 350 mb and are perfectly happy with the results. I prefer the 700 mb image quality as it is very very close to the original dvd. 

Give it a try.   :)

Jay, looking at my dvdFab platinum in the dvd to dvd section I see full, Main, Split, Customize etc...  Where are you locating  vob/passthrough ?


Ok, finally found it.  Will run a test to verify speed vs. saving to an iso file.   


Just in case you didn't know, you can also write a batch file for DVDFab which speeds up ripping the eps quite a bit.

Thanks TechFlaws,

I was not happy with the de-interlacing that I got when converting with the DVDfab.  I found the quality was a lot better when making XviD files with the Auto GK.  That's why I ended up splitting it into two steps.  However, like any video conversion I suggest everybody compare for themselves as it is so subjective. 


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