Author Topic: WD TV Media Player: Edius 8 and HandBrake problem. help!  (Read 362 times)

December 08, 2016, 02:27:07 AM
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I'm using Edius 8 and I have a Pal UHD (4K) project on timenline.
Now I need to export it by "Print file" option as .avi uncompressed file beacuse I like to make a good HD file for HandBrake. On Edius 8 I chose this option:
Then I loaded that file in Handbrake (lastest version). I have configured my HandBrake with this settings:
I get a file and when I want use it with WD Western Digital TV, this device neither sees that file. I get a writings "emply device".
In past time, when I used Edius 7 I made some files with HandBrake without problems.
I have just understood my problem but I don't know to solve it. I have just make a test. I have exported only 5 minutes from Edius Timeline and now Handbrake play plays it fine.
It seems there is a length problem. But my video on the Timeline are 37 minutes only. It is not so long. How can I solve my problem?
Why now do I get this problem?