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MKV creator software that do compression that is faster than Handbrake?

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The only thing I have used is Handbrake.  I am satisfied  with the compression which are normally 1/3 of the ISO size.   But it takes longer than real time;  1 hour movie may take 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Anything faster ?  Free is preferable.

larry sellers:
The only program faster is MakeMKV but it does not compress. I use automkv with a 1500mb predefined size and I am very happy. I have a Core 2 Duo processor in my computer but I can't get close to realtime with 2 passes.

The thing is, the compression settings are what add or remove time in the process. Handbrake making an H.264 video at bitrate X isn't likely to take much more or less time than another program doing it at bitrate X. This is particularly true if you stick to free tools, since most of them are based off the same libraries.

The one thing against Handbrake is that it hasn't been updated very recently, so something more recent with something like CUDA support added, might be an option. I don't know of any all-in-one (disc to final file) tool that does that yet. MediaCoder has CUDA now, but I've never tried ripping right off a disc with it. Its features in that area seem pretty basic (read: limited and crappy).

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Handbrake 0.9.5 released Jan2011

I've tried all sorts of converters and the only thing that increased conversion speed was a new computer. My old pentium4 = 2x running time for conversion, quad core = same as running time, and i7 = half running time. oh, and Handbrake is free, widely used and well supported with regular patches (SVN's).  I doubt spending money on software will speed conversion appreciably.  Better to get a moneybox and drop the $50 in that for a new 'puter (or buy grog for internal lubrication while waiting for current 'puter).


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