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April 06, 2009, 01:48:48 AM
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Installed the 1.02 this morning (first day off since it's release). Did all my artwork at 120 * 180 from various sources. Mainly wikipedia and Google images. Gotta say it looks great. The blank screen during avi loads is not really a big issue. Seems to be size related. a 250 meg file may only take 2 or 3 seconds whereas a 700 meg file might take as long as 20 seconds. I wonder if there is reason for this. Maybe better performance for FF and RW if it is cached better? More mkvs now work for me that didn't before due to non audio support.

One thing with artwork. For folders (folder.jpg) and movies (eg star wars.jpg with star wars.avi) are fine but tv series is time consuming the way it is. For Example. I have 3 Folders.... Movies...MY TV Shows....My Wife's TV Shows. I have a generic folder.jpg for each of these. ie A Bag of Popcorn with "A Night at the Movies" and a TV Magazine Cover for the 2 TV Folders. But in those TV folders I have sub folders for each TV Series. The Folders look great with for example a folder.jpg for CSI Miami. But in that folder maybe 10 0r 12 episodes of CSI Miami with totally different titles. S01E01 the blah blah, S01E02 The So on. etc etc.

Now you can make a copy of folder.jpg and keep renaming it. But very tedious. My suggestion, if it's possible, would be that if the folder only has one jpg in it and it's called folder.jpg and there is no other jpg file in that folder to get confused with it then could that be automatically assigned to all those files in that folder?