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October 18, 2016, 01:09:19 AM
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Looking at the dates of posts I'm not sure if this forum is visited much, however I hope that someone might come along who can advise me.

I got WDTV a good while ago now (not LIVE) to manage a collection of movies on a portable drive when it became too large to have them as just named video files that the TV could play "straight". The bonus was all the library info etc that the WDTV then made possible.

I'm all set up perfectly, add the occasional new release, it gets the movie sheets and thumbnails etc., much better!

Now I have a few hundred movies, and what I would like to be able to do is print out an index of the titles and just some basic info from the categories ...  year and genre, maybe main actor/s but that's not vital.

I can easily print a list of the portable drive's content, but that would only give me the movie titles.

I remember looking at this when I first got the WDTV a while back, and read somewhere on this forum or another one that there is a programme or a utility or something that lets you do this ... and I even read up on it and could understand how to have it list all movies, but there was some settings or language or process I couldn't understand that you had to change/set to get it to include any category/year/etc info as well, so I just left it for when the library got big enough for that to be of interest.

And that's now, but I can't find that same reference again and I have searched widely trying to do so.

So I am now needing an expert to advise me please ...  how do I go about doing this?

I want to print just a simple alpha-list index with year and genre. I guess I need a prog on my PC that will read the library file on the portable drive and extract what it needs to do that. Can anyone tell me the prog that I read about before that will do this, or advise me of anything else please?


October 22, 2016, 09:47:28 PM
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One thing you might think about trying is running Plex Media Server on your PC with the external drive shared off the PC.
The WDTV will play video off network shares and will also detect media servers.

The Plex interface will give you a good interface for browsing the movies on your PC, while playing from the WDTV.

You can also browse the Plex library from your tablet or phone as well.


One app that you might want to try is Media Companion.
Haven't used it since I started using Plex.

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