Author Topic: Cannot see my WDTV Live SMP from my OSX El Capitan.  (Read 419 times)

October 08, 2016, 09:35:28 AM
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I use OSX El Capitan connected over ethernet to my SMP.  I have a 1 TB drive connected to my SMP with my movie files on it.  In the main (not always but almost always) my movies play fine from that drive.  However, suddenly and for no apparent reason I can no longer see that drive from my main computer.  Not seeing it, I can no longer transfer files on to that drive, a major issue.

I checked my network setup and connections at the SMP and all are fine.  I can access files on my Mac from my SMP but not the other way round.  While I have not needed SMBup in the past I have installed it but it makes no difference.  Why can I not see my SMP drive and how might I correct this?  I have been using WDTV Live for quite a few years and, other than such quirks which occasionally arise, I am very happy with the magic it does.