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Got older firmware. Is this keeping me from watching certain files?

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I've always been able to see pretty much anything on my WDTV Live but lately, there have been formats that I can't watch like the HVEC or something but also mkv and mp4 that I have always been able to watch.

Are there new variants of those file types that are out but not obvious by their filenames? Ie, new parameters in the files or something?

My firmware is 1.06.43_V and I'm always afraid of updating and losing things or making changes that may not suit me.

What would you advice and what differences are there?


George and please, explain as if I were 5 years old. I'm a bit of a dumbass!

WDTV won't do HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or x.265.
It's the hardware that doesn't support it...not the OS or firmware.

Newer Android TV boxes are just starting to support x265 (and 4K).
It's the one feature you should look for in a new box.

One solution...without tossing your a Plex Server running on your PC.
The Plex Server will transcode x.265 video....and any formats your WDTV can't handle.
The WDTV will see the Plex Server as a regular media server.
I checked out the plex server. Software I see. So, I install this on my puter and play all my stuff through it but here is the thing. Will I be able to control my stuff through the wdtv remote? You said it would look like a media server to it.

Right now, I have all my stuff on an unRaid server which is connected to the wdtv through the network.

I'm looking at the site and all the info now and for me, this is very daunting...


The WDTV doesn't have a proper Plex client so you won't get a fancy graphical interface that other Plex users get.

You can browse the Plex Server under content by selecting...Content Source...Media Server...Plex Media Server...then browsing the files.

This is just a workaround that lets you play x265 files with the WDTV.
The Plex Server transcodes the video files on the PC as it streams them to the WDTV.

If you want native support for HEVC/x265 you need a new android TV box.
Ok, so since my content is on a separate server, where do I install the plex software?

I have the wdtv box, I have a desktop computer and I have an unRaid server. All connected through a router...

Here's the thing though, there are also mkv and mp4 files that I recently have not been able to watch whereas before, no problems.
Have they changed anything, ie, updated those formats?

Got suggestions for a cheap and stable android tv box? A link perhaps?

Thanks again



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