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playback from network share solid freezes the unit


Seems to happen with mp4 and avi playback from an established network share. The whole unit freezes and the remote does not respond to any key depressions. The only way out is to pull the power cord out.
Have rebooted the whole network; modem/router, switches, WDTV unit. The WDTV is connected via LAN cable and has the latest firmware. If I do a firmware update; there are no more updates available.
Another by-product since the last update is I can no longer reliably use Netflix via WDTV; I have to use the Apple TV unit for this. I have 2 WDTV units. BOTH have the same problem.
Up until this last firmware update I was pretty happy with this box. What went wrong?
Frequency of problem .. very regular now. If I watch a movie; guaranteed to lock up solid.


I'm using network share (form Window 10). I've 2 WD TV live units with the same issue. I'm suspecting Window 10, but had similar but less frequent issue without Windows 10 (network shares done by another WD TV)


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