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network shares suddenly stopped working


I have had Network shares working for years . Now it suddenly stopped working. I am connected by ethernet.  When I click on the wdtv Live to select Network Shares , nothing happens . It just freezes and wont respond to the remote.  It wont even try to connect.  I have rebooted my computer as well as restarting the WDTV LIVE unit ( either using power button from remote as well as removing the power supply) actually several times but to no avail.  I checked WDTV Live network settings and everything is OK . Connectivity check out fine . Connecting to media servers is no problem , it network shares that does not respond.  Maybe the Unit has stopped working?   Any suggestions? 

BTW I dont know whether its a coincidence but this network shares problem started only after I connected a WD Passport to the USB port .

I fixed the problem by rebooting the modem :)  Should have done that before panicking !


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