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WDTV can only see one Win 7 User Account . . .


Hi to All,
I have made user accounts for the various media in my computer( mc for music, ms for movies,ts for TV shows and ps for pictures)  for my WDTVs to access, because if I don't they will all show up in any category I choose in the WDTV menu and I have a lot,, .Initially it was successful.  . ..  . .after a couple of weeks I started loosing the other accounts, untill there is only one left "ms", I tried to add some more accounts and WDTV cannot see it anymore, but if I try to share the folders under the "ms" account it can see/share it. This happened to me before , what I did was a full reinstall of Win 7. But I don't wanna do that I have to re share all my folders again , and I have hundreds of them, I have a 20TB full of storage in my old computer which I used as an NAS.

To anyone can help me out there, many thanks in advance .  .,

System: OS = Win 7 64 Ultimate, RAM = 8 GB, AMD quad core, LAN connection to a router with Gigabit ports..... WDTV live . .


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