Author Topic: MVK/MP4 files keep freezing from 2T Ext HD, but play fine from USB-Drive (stick)  (Read 850 times)

August 11, 2015, 08:45:52 PM
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My WD TV Live player is at 2.02.32
I have it connected to a WD 2TB USB_3.0 drive.

Many larger files/movies seem to freeze on it.
Like every minute they will stop.
(This oddly doesn't happen with smaller/shorter files.)

When I put the same files on a USB_3.0 stick drive, they play fine.

Is there some common issue I am missing?
Since the issue seems to be with my Ext HD, is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thank you

September 06, 2015, 01:46:06 AM
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I had a similar issue with my Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ player years ago.  I was never able to fully overcome it so when it completely died, I replaced it with the WD TV Live player.  The issue back then seems to have been one where the USB 3 connection degraded over time and once it came down in speed / performance, it wouldn't go back up again.  Of course, re-booting would temporarily fix things, but only for a few minutes.  Eventually I found that I had better success with iso files instead of the mt2s, but that wasn't a 100% fix either.

I find a NAS ethernet connection to work better than a USB connected hard drive, but that's just from my experience.  There really shouldn't be a reason for it working better though so it could just be my setup works that way for some reason that I'm not aware of though.