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Wrong aspect ratio with 4:3 DVDs


When I play a 4:3 DVD, the picture is stretched to the full with of the TV screen instead of being pillar box.
Is this a flaw with the WDTV or am I missing a setting?
My Seagate player had this problem and it was uncorrectable.

Looks like settings can't always be trusted to be what they say they are. I got more useful results after a full reset.
Even though the aspect ratio on DVDs is always correct now, I can't get it go back to the faulty state. Settings changes aren't repeatable.
Does anyone know what the on/off setting does in the Audio/Video Output settings?
I have not altered the Aspect Ratio setting after the reset, it is still set to Widescreen.

Btw, I'm trying to watch Sealab 2021. A guy on the radio said that we should pay for our entertainment rather that downloading it for free. I believe him.

I was misleading myself. The aspect ratio is correct when I play individual VOB files. The picture is stretched when I play via the DVD menu.

I cant get it to display properly at all now. The preview shows in 4:3. When I press the play button, then select "Resume", I see 4:3 for a split second then it gets stretchered to full width.
If I put just VOB files in a folder, they can be played at 4:3.
It will be difficult to demonstrate this to WD Support.


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