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Windows Share - reset


I have recently dusted off my WD TV Live. When I set it up I configured the Windows Share ID/password for my PC. When I went into select source / Windows Shares, the device displayed its little spinning circle  while browsing my network and came up with my son's PC, and mine. I selected Mine, the device found my share and everything worked fine.
A week ago I upgraded the firmware to 2.02.32 (I don't know what version was replaced). Again, everything worked fine for a few days. All of a sudden, the WD TV Live lost connectivity to my PC. When I go back into Select Source/Windows Share, It only shows mu son's PC. But, it did not display the little spinning circle showing that it is searching. I thinkg that since it knows about my son's PC, it did not do the network search. I attempted to reset the dev ice so it would perform the network search. I did the minimal reset. I did the factory reset ( from menu ), I did the factory reset using the reset button on the bottom. However, my son's pc does not get removed from the selection screen, and I still do not see what I interpret as the device actually doing the network scan.

How can I make the device actually perform a network scan?
How can I do a complete device reset, so that it forgets about my sons PC?


OK, I figured out that if I have my sons PC off the network and attempt to scan windows shares, once it figures out that it cannot find his PC, it will remove it. After that when I scan for windows shares, if does indicate that it is scanning the network. But, it still finds my sons, and not my PC.

My son's is Window 8
Mine is Windows 7

So I will start looking at all the info here about making Win7 shares accessible.

I do find it strange that all was working well for a LONG time and suddenly stopped working without me making any changes to the PCs.



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