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network detected but cannot obtain ip address


Hi All!

I want to switch from Ethernet to WiFi connection on my WD Live gen 2 with B-Rad firmware. I am using a Netgear wn111v2 adapter, and it s on WD's list of compatible wifi devices. when i connect the adapter and try to set up connection to my router, it detects my network, allows me to enter the WPA password (it knows the correct PW because I tested with an incorrect PW). After that it does not auto connect and when I input all of the IP, submask, gateway, DNS numbers, it states that it cannot obtain an IP address. I looked in my D-Link router SW and I am using an IP address that is not taken already. Is the Netgear not compatible with a D-Link router? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any advice!!!!!

Had the same issue myself. Will not auto connect.

I picked a higher ip address from the range and manually input all the info.
Only when I used DNS numbers from Verizon or other sources did it finally work.

Hope this works for you too.



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