Author Topic: files not playing BUT have played well for 9 months  (Read 1067 times)

March 26, 2015, 06:13:19 AM
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I have had the WD TV live for about 10 months and it has worked perfectly until now, plays almost any files and I like it, well until now
for example I turn it on and it shows all the files attached via a usb hard drive, I play one program and it works, then I go to watch another, I see all the flies attached, I select the one to watch and it shows a small sign/ circle to show the file is loading and at this stage it shows the name or the program and plays it, when it works correctly,
I watch something and it just freezes halfway and then I can go back to menu and still see that and other files
I select play for that files or any other then,  the circle / small sign just keeps turning and will not start the file, if I go back to the menu it still shows all my loaded files BUT if I select any others, the same happens the file starts to load small sign / circle  shows turning BUT does not load or start to play  at all,
the only way to reset it is to take the power lead out and then put power lead back on and let it re load, which takes time and a pain to keep doing
sometimes I can watch three or more files ok, sometimes it does it on each file
I have not to my knowledge updates my software BUT it could have done so automatic, this problem ONLY started yesterday but seems not to want to go away unless I can find a way to fix it
any one know if I have done something wrong or want to do to make better,