Author Topic: Connecting 2 WDTV to Buffalo LS  (Read 1024 times)

March 19, 2015, 07:30:20 PM
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Ok here is something weird:
I have two WDTVs in my house and using a Buffalo LS-WVL 4TB as a media server, and time machine backup. The WDTV in the living room can easily access the NAS, the WDTV in the bedroom cannot. Both of them are ethernet wired to the router, have always been, and have always worked.
Last week I got a new TV for the bedroom and cleaned up all the cabling, however did not change anything in the setup.

Now, for some reason the bedroom WDTV cannot see the NAS anymore. Questions you will ask me:
- Can you see the NAS on your computer: YES (Mac and PC)
- Do you have a network extender: I have an Airport Extreme and two Express (all wired), however mirroring the original network (e.g. same name & credentials, works on both PC and Mac, e.g. both can see the NAS when in the extended network upstairs wired and wireless)
- Have you tried to use the Wifi of the WDTV: yes, same issue
- Are you using a ethernet hub: Yes, to connect Airport Express, Apple TV, WDTV, TV itself, digital Receiver, etc
- Have you tried to directly connect WDTV to the ethernet cable: Yes, same issue
- Does the WDTV have Internet access: Yes, Youtube and browser both work

The only difference between the two systems is:
WDTV bedroom is firmware 2.02.32 *(latest)
WDTV living room is version 1.something -- I'm afraid to update now not to have the same issue

Sooooo.... I really don't know what to do anymore. The WDTV in the living room works without any issues.

Any ideas are super-welcome.
Thank you