Author Topic: Torrent video playing device for TV  (Read 874 times)

March 02, 2015, 08:56:22 AM
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Want to get a device for my TV that can run a torrent client, have a decent amount of local storage (even 1TB is fine), and play just about every format out there (along the lines of VLC.)

I want to be able to remote in or use a web interface to download torrents.

I want just a remote control to be able to use the device in front of the TV.  (Others in family would be driven nuts if there was a keyboard and mouse.)

I'm not concerned about being able to stream.  (Netflix, etc.)

So far, I'm thinking I need a WD TV Live Streaming, flashed so it can run rtorrent.  (Not the new one with encryption blocking third-party flashing to allow torrent.)
The biggest complaint about that device is it seems slow and laggy.  Does the custom firmware help this at all?

Are there other products like another device or MythTV that I should consider for these needs?