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February 26, 2015, 10:34:17 PM
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Newbie alert....
The idea is to have the video content I create, marketing videos for the waiting rooms for example that are viewable on the television.  If I stream it, it will be expensive (100 offices keeping it on all day.) It will also affect the offices internet speed and in some cases they may not have a fast enough internet.  I thought about Vimeo Pro as one option but it will not help a slow internet.  This option is good in that I can control the video for updates and turn it off if they do not pay. 

If I use an attached HD, they simply download their particular file and I suspect it will play fine without streaming cost or potential internet slowdowns.  However I now have lost my work forever.  If they cancel tomorrow they can use the video for as long as they want.

Is their a way to have them download the video to play locally off the HD but have the wdtv (or any device) verify, perhaps by token, and see if I have any updated video to replace the old version, and if they are in good standing?

The other solution, if possible, is to be able to remotely access their box.  I will be purchasing and providing the boxes and this would only be used to remove my content should they not pay.  Essentially I am looking to protect my content (I know the dreaded DRM) on a downloaded file similar to what Direct TV does on it's pay movies which of course expire after a time period.  My video would never expire as long as they paid for the service but if the next time it verified it would remove that particular file. 

As I think about it, that it what is might be ideal.  My video is served up to a device that can store it (like direct tv's dvr) avoiding the streaming issues mentioned above.  That device (maybe the WDTV) checks back in to verification.  I suspect (hopefully not) that at some point a simple site will have to be developed to parse out info to the WDTV from server and vice versa.

Please know that while I have limited knowledge on such things I also have extraordinary appreciation to the strangers who take the time to help another stranger out.  You may have a better solution or device.  Again, my sincere gratitude.

February 27, 2015, 09:39:17 PM
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I'm pretty sure that won't be possible with a regular WDTV and most likely not with a modded one. How about using a Raspberry PI instead?