Author Topic: HDMI audio randomly stopped + resolution problems + composite not working.  (Read 925 times)

February 10, 2015, 06:44:23 AM
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Okay, so I'll try to be brief but here's what went down.

Had my WDTV Live since christmas 2014, everything has been going perfectly until tonight. It's connected with an HDMI cable straight into the tv, no receivers/external speakers or anything like that, and the resolution was auto'd to 1080p@60hz.

I went out earlier and left the WD on but my tv off, when I got back 10-15 mins later the resolution had changed to 480p@60hz and the sound wasn't working at all, tried with mkvs, avis, mp4s and bunch more. All had the same issue.
I went to change the resolution back, tried the auto setting and it stayed at 480p. So I manually picked 1080p, it said that my tv didn't support it, pressed 'force', and even though my tv 'doesn't support' it, it displayed just fine. But still no sound.
I've since tried the same HDMI with a ps3 and the sound came through just fine, so I figure it's not the cable.

I also tried changing the output to composite, all that happened was a quick flash of pink onscreen but never actually switching over, just staying at HDMI-1080p (regardless of which option I pick when asked if I really want to change it).

Also tried resetting to factory default, resetting with the tiny button underneath the player, and button resetting with only the composite cables plugged in (in hopes it might automatically use that as the output upon restart).

I'm out of ideas (and fiending to watch last nights Bob's Burgers), so can anyone help out? Thanks in advance.

February 10, 2015, 09:44:20 PM
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