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October 26, 2014, 07:02:15 AM
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Hey guys, have a question here. I can usually figure things out in my own, but this one has got me stumped. I have a very large external hd (6 tb). I have a ton of media on it. Using linksheets, it has been working fine. I recently started doing the sheets for my tv series, and this is where I ran into my problems. It seems that it has just stopped showing the sheets that I make for the seasons I'm doing. For example, I completed a series and the one after, then when I started the system back up, it displayed the sheets up to like season 6 episode 10 of the series, and them didn't go further. Even into the next series. Thumbgen is generating the sheets the proper way, as they show normal on my hard drive. This is where it gets weird, I recently added about 20 more movies, generated the sheets, they show fine. But, when I go back to the tv series I had problems with, it has now decreased the sheets that were showing back to around season 5 episode 10. It's like the it's being taken away. Not sure if this is a common problem, or it's just something I'm overlooking. Any help from everyone will be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long winded, didn't really know how to sum this issue up.

Using WDTV Live Plus
Not sure what firmware, (as it's been awhile since installing)