Author Topic: WDTV live and win7 domain homegroup problem  (Read 1046 times)

October 26, 2014, 04:36:24 AM
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I have a weird problem in my network.
I have an asus router.
I have a win7 64bit that shares a wd my passport disk, with movies and tv series. Wireless connection router
I also have an old winxp that share some stuff. Cable connection to router
And finally I have a wdtv live box.

Before my share-pc used to be a win7 32 bit. And everything worked fine. The problem seems to have occurred when I upgraded to win7 64bit.

I manage to see my shared files and play them from the win xp pc. Also from an android device. Which shows that the sharing works.

BUT if I only have the wdtv live and the share-pc up (win7 64bit) , the wdtv live can not find the any pc or share on my network.
I can still find the share-pc with my android and watch the content.
THEN I turn on the old win xp box, and then I all of a sudden find BOTH from wdtv live?!

It seems to me that I have to have my old winxp turned on for wdtv live to find my win7 64bit pc?

And also why doesnt my android have the same problem, it finds my win7 64bit pc no matter what other hardware is turned on.

My winxp in configured with workgroup. My win7 64bit is configured with domain user and password. But it has a local user with administrator privilege that is used to share the content.

Is this some sort of limitation in the network? I mean why does only wdtv live see my win7 64bit WHILE the other winxp pc is turned on???