Author Topic: Linux Samba Share "active and available" error  (Read 844 times)

October 18, 2014, 06:33:53 PM
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I am having an issue connecting my WDTV to a linux (Fedora) samba share.

If I go to "Select Content Source" --> "Network Share" -->  "Windows Share" on the WDTV, I see the linux server name (great).
Clicking on it gives me a login prompt (also great), but after entering the correct username and password, I get the following error message:

Unable to connect to the selected source. Please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing.

I did a quick test by using an incorrect password and I get the same error message. Therefore initially it looked like it was a simple typo problem with my password.
However I have triple checked the username/password and they are definitely correct (verified by logging into the same share via a windows box).

I am not getting any information from the samba log files (log.smbd, log.nmbd etc) to give me any clues.

Anyone have an idea on this one?

Thank you.