Author Topic: Audio Very Loud Buzzing on some Videos  (Read 714 times)

October 17, 2014, 08:27:59 AM
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I use a couple of WDTV Live units to stream from my headless Ubuntu based PlayStation Media Server.  One is hooked directly from the WDTV Live to the TV (Phillips) via HDMI and the other runs through a Kinivio HDMI switch to the TV.  No receivers or sound bars in the mix.  When I attempt to play certain videos to the WDTV, instead of hearing any normal audio, I get an extremely loud and annoying buzzing.

I've been reading about this for a couple days and it seems that this is related to either PCM or DTS audio, but all of the threads that I've been reading have a lot of variables.  My setup is plain, no extras.  So near as I can tell, I possibly have 3 options:

  • Buy a TV that can decode DTS audio - I've looked, this is apparently quite rare
  • Recode the affected videos to be stereo audio - What would I be looking for to tell?  I'd be trying to script this
  • By a soundbar or receiver that can decode DTS audio
  • Disable DTS on the PMS interface - problem with that, it's a headless system, anyone know how to do it from command line?

I'm far from an AV genius, but I do know computers, servers, networks, etc.  I'm OK with buying a soundbar or something like that or a new TV (always up for getting a bigger TV), but I need to know A. what I'm looking for and B. that it will, without a doubt, work properly.

Any advice?