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September 13, 2014, 02:45:33 PM
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does anyone know of a good media manager. at the moment i just have a list of movies and they are sorted into folders as action / drama / comedy, but I'm finding this annoying and id like to improve it.

using imdb as my frame of reference i can see that Taken is listed as Action / Crime / Thriller.

what i would like in the perfect world, would to be able to give all my movies 3 specific genres and then have an ability to choose the movie based on what i want to watch...

im in the mood for an action / comedy, click action all the action films pop up, click comedy as a second option and then the list is reduced to all the movies tagged with action and comedy.

sometimes i don't know what film i want to watch, but i do know what type of film i want to watch!

sticking a rating on the film would be mega oarsome!

is there such a thing, or something that can in theory be made?