Author Topic: Problems with thumbgen fanart  (Read 1788 times)

August 22, 2014, 02:08:58 AM
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Hi everybody. I'm new to this forum, so i hope i posted this in the right category.

I'm having some trouble with the thumbgen program for creating thumbnails, nfo files, fanart etc.
At first all my movies were in their own folder and everything was working with thumbgen such as thumbnails, fanart and moviesheets.
But as all the movies were stored in their own folder, only the moviesheets could be seen by entering the specific folder for the movie.

To solve this i stored all the movies in the same folder and ran thumbgen again. Now everything was working except the fanart. It seems that every time the program is saving a fanart.jpg file, it is overwriting the previous fanart file, because of the same file name.

I tried some different settings in thumbgen, changing the name of the fanart file among other things.

Hope someone have a solution to the fanart problem or just a push in the right direction.
Furthermore if its possible i would like to store all the movies in their own folder again, as it has become a mess and it will only get worse in the future as more movies will be stored.

Regards FlyingMadness