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August 06, 2014, 05:34:16 PM
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I've been lurking for a bit, trying to understand what's going on here but not really getting it.

So I just bought (a few weeks ago) a WD TV Live and it plays 1080p MKV's, fully uncompressed...  it knocked my socks off.  So I ripped all my Blu-Rays (amounted to like 40 titles - sad, I know) and am now enjoying Blu-Ray quality on demand and I love it.

Well, almost...  the menu system on the WDTV is fugly.  Like not even a mother could love kind of fugly.  So my friends at AVS redirected me to you guys to fix that. 

Seems like there are a lot of choices and I'm not really sure I understand the difference between B-RAD and Simplicity and why you need them both.  I think I understand the mechanics of the update.  But how do I decide which one of these skins is best for me - do we have some kind of gallery and / or comparison sheet?

As of now, I just have 40 MKV's in one folder - I'm not averse to re-organizing the collection.  I do like to have control of how my stuff is organized and what shows up as the movie poster, the background, etc.

so back to my question which one of these should I be looking at?