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NETFLIX on WD TV Live and not on my Live HUB


Hi guys. I have both a WD TV LIVE and a LIVE HUB. I can get NETFLIX on my LIVE but not on my LIVE HUB. My hub is on the latest firmware. Is there any way of getting NETFLIX on my HUB..??  Thanks Guys..


Rev Drew:
which live? (listed in order of release)

Live Plus
Live Hub (only listed as it should have netflix capability)
Live Streaming

the original live never had Netflix, everything since then, except for the 'new' "WD TV" has had Netflix, Live Hub included.

Live Hub product manual:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

from page 98: (of the English manual)

--- Quote ---Netflix is available in certain countries. Unlimited membership required. More information at
--- End quote ---

Which firmware version?
I've got a WDTV SMP (gen 3) that got the firmware update a couple of days ago...and it broke YouTube again...after being fixed in Dec 2013.

New firmware was 2.02.32 and starting YouTube caused the instant reboot problem we had before.
Seemed to also have problems with some mp4s that played fine before.
Downgrade to 2.01.86...YouTube fixed.

The new firmware has a new UI...didn't notice if Netflix was still there or not before I downgraded.

i have the Live Hub and my firmware is 3.12.13


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