Author Topic: No HD Audio with WDTV Live Streaming using HDMI to SPDIF Extractor  (Read 1349 times)

May 29, 2014, 12:46:53 PM
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I am trying to play 24/96 and/or 24/192 FLAC files but without success.  I am aware that WDTV will not sent it trough SPDIF and I bought HDMI to SPDIF Audio Extractor:

My setup
1.   WD-->RCA portable DVD
2.   WD-->HDMI -->  HDMI to SPDIF Audio Extractor---> SPDIF  Simaudio 100d DAC
3.   I updated WDTV with the latest firmware .

My problem is when I play 24/192, LED 192 on the DAC blinks but returns immediately to 48. Wonder if problem is WDTV audio output setup and what else I could try.

I setup audio output to digital pass through via HDMI only, but I can hear sound on both RCA and DAC. 
Also with the same configuration, if I disconnect my optical cable Extractor and hook it up directly WDTV to DAC I am hearing sound from the DAC.