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May 23, 2014, 01:42:57 AM
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Hi all

I have the latest version fo the WDTV Live Media Streamer, latest firmware as well, based on last night.

I have this connected to a my Synology Nas 412+ through a gigabit switch.

The Synology is connected through the Network Share area, am I am sharing 3 movie folders.

Questions I have so far:

1. A number of movies are not getting their metadate downloaded, I read somewhere that this could be because the folder where the movie is has an NFO file which sometimes stops stops it. Teh error says Network not found or unavailable.
2. Out of about 1200 movies, only 300 or so have had their meta data downloaded, this is despite my swithcing the downlaod metadate option to both check every hour and check when on standby.
3. related to the above, when I select a movie in the Media server library I can still watch it, to fix the metadata issues I press options, then search for title / check for metadate (whichever it is), this usually finds it otherwise gives me the options to either edit the movie title or such, this usually works.

Final question relates to internal storage, where is all this metadata stored?
Are there any advantages to putting a USB keyfob into the back and using that as additional storage for these pruposes?

Final final, as I am merely using this for a movie streamer and the odd music, are there any other apps I should consider getting apart from whats normally included?

thank you!!

June 04, 2014, 11:38:11 AM
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Since I cant start a new post and cant find the admin contact info after spending 15 minutes of my life looking for it I am simply FORCED to post this here in an attempt to extract the contact info that should be in plain site.

Whats with the verification crapola I am already a member on this site and am logged in.

gee, so sorry you WASTED 15 minutes of your life, it must be terrible to be that important that 15 minutes is killer.
as for the login and captcha, you obviously don't deal with many forums and the spam they can generate.

and nobody forced you to post here, you chose to, as for finding the admin, if you spent 15 minutes here and couldn't figure it out, well perhaps you are to important for us to try and please anyway...
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