Author Topic: Video flicker issue  (Read 851 times)

March 25, 2014, 09:07:28 PM
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Have encountered a major issue with my WDTV Live Streaming player. I am on the latest 2.01.xx firmware since it was released, but have not faced this problem at all. Also, there has been no change in hardware/software (cables/firmwares/connections) at all before this issue was encountered.

My connections are as follows

WDTV - (HDMI) - Yamaha 473 - (HDMI) - TV

The WDTV is configured to pass digital audio through HDMI. Yesterday I switched on my WDTV after around 4-5 days. All of a sudden, I noticed that after the initial WDTV logo startup screen (the one with the clouds), the screen kept flickering as if the HDMI is losing connection. I tried the following steps and none of them worked.

1. Changed the HDMI cable. Same behavior
2. Change the HDMI input on the AVR. Same behavior
3. Keep the AVR in standby mode - video works. The moment I switch the AVR, I lose the HDMI signal. It keeps flashing on and off with a lot of 'snow screen' in between
4. Soft reset the WDTV. Same behavior
5. Connect WDTV directly to the TV. Video works fine
6. To double check the AVR, I connected by BDP to the same HDMI input. That HDMI video signal works fine both in standby and otherwise.

I am not quite sure whether the issue is with the AVR or WDTV. Unfortunately I don't any option to check this thing out on a different AVR.

Can you guys suggest anything else?

I am going to try out the following today
1. Hard reset WDTV. Not sure whether this would help
2. Connect HDMI directly to TV and get the digital audio via the optical out.

This is the last solution I want to try as I don't want to have the video directly going to the TV.