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BUG v2.01.86- Standby Mode Not Working



I've had an issue over that past month or so with my WDTV. I think the timing coincides with the latest firmware update but I'm not completely sure.

Lately my WDTV doesn't stay in standby mode for more than an hour or two after putting the power off. This is becoming very frustrating because it now takes almost 5 mins to power it on, but more importantly than that I can't access my hard drive (which is attached to the WDTV) from other devices unless WDTV is on.

Previously, I've been able to get into standby mode with a quick press of the power button, and a full shut down if I hold the power button for a few seconds. Has this feature been removed?


It has auto-shutdown (after 3 hours?) now. Check the system menu.


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