Author Topic: WDTVLIFE and Windows 8  (Read 922 times)

December 09, 2013, 03:58:48 PM
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Iím sure this subject has been discussed a lot before but Iím stumped why I canít see my WDTVLIVE  on the list of networked devices on my Windows 8 laptop.

My home wireless network has 2 x Windows 7 laptops on it as well as a new laptop running Windows 8 and also, my WDTVLIVE using a wireless dongle.  All devices are connected to a single home network.
The W8 and W7 laptops can see each other on the network and both my W7 laptops can see the WDTVLIVE but the W8 machine canít.

All devices, including the WDTVLIVE share the same Homegroup name (WORKGOUP).  All laptops have network discovery options all turned on and all media streaming options are switched to ĎAllowedí. 

The WDTVLIVE does show up in the list of computers and devices on the W8 laptop but will not show up on the list of networked devices. 
I can stream video from my Windows 7 laptops to my TV via the WDTVLIVE however I need to stream video from my Windows 8 laptop.

Can anyone offer suggestions why I canít see the WDTVLIVE on my W8 networked laptop.