Author Topic: Video files changing to wrong file type - folders?  (Read 1529 times)

August 26, 2013, 12:37:04 PM
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I have an WDTV Live HD with latest final firmware and 1.5GB external WD HD which I have used for years without any issues.
Recently movies which I have put on the hard drive are randomly being re-classified as "folder" file type. For example, I uploaded about 10 avi's and all of them were recognised as movies and I watched one or two of them. The next day when I power on the box some of the movies have disappeared using the video explorer. If I view them on a laptop I can see they look like folders but do not open. They also do not play with VLC either and they cannot be deleted (directory name invalid).
Nothing has changed other than the fact (all i can think of) that the hard drive is filling up - more than 90% full now.
Anyone heard of this issue before and have anyway I can recover my files?