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freeze during watching

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hello everybody,

i'm from germany and i've got a problem with my wd tv live.
basic information:

wd tv live (1.16.13)
- "legacy" surface

wd my passport 1tb usb3
- hfs+ file format

so the main problem is that the wd tv live freezes while i'm watching a movie or a tv series.
it quotes that i have to remove the usb device safely.
the only way out is to restart the wd tv live or to plug out/in the usb device before i can go on.
i can not watch a single episode without a freeze.

my question is now why?
is it the wd tv live? or the usb hdd?
what can i do?

please help me

HFS+ but journaling turned off?

Thank you for your fast reply.
the attachment shows that the file system is journaled.
do you have another idea?

--- Quote ---Volume „WD My Passport DK“ überprüfen
Dateisystem prüfenHFS+ Volume (Journaled) überprüfen.
Zusatzdatei für Dateiaufbau wird überprüft.
Katalog wird überprüft.
Multi-Link-Dateien werden überprüft.
Kataloghierarchie wird überprüft.
Datei für erweiterte Attribute wird überprüft.
Volume-Bitmap wird überprüft.
Informationen des Volumes werden überprüft.
Das Volume „WD My Passport DK“ ist anscheinend in Ordnung.
--- End quote ---

What idea? If it's journaled, the WDTV can't read it. Easy as that.

sorry i didn't know.
can i simply remove the journaling?
i mean there is an option in the hdd tool on mac to remove.
but i'm not sure if it is enough because i formated the hdd journaled.


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