Author Topic: WDTV Software Update 1.02.10  (Read 104025 times)

October 01, 2009, 03:27:13 PM
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We've put up new beta firmware:

If you try it, I would appreciate reading your experiences. I am especially interested to see if there are any remaining MKV audio/video sync issues.

Thanks GUY!

I have a link here for follow-up on this new firmware:


Don't thank me, there's a whole team working on this. I'm just the one who gets to talk to you guys :)

October 01, 2009, 11:29:42 PM
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I removed a couple postings here.  This is the 1.02.10 thread.  Not the ask Western Digital thread.  Questions about subtitles and USB Hubs obviously do not belong here.

If you have a REQ put it in the "feature Requests" board here:


WDTV LIVE with current official FW > HDMI > DVDO > Sony CRT Projector 150" 16/9 screen.  Toslink audio to Yamaha DTS receiver. No Network set up yet.