Author Topic: Connecting Wirelessly works fine but Ethernet drops after a few minutes  (Read 787 times)

September 10, 2013, 09:44:08 AM
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Hi, I am new to this group and have been looking for a solution to my problem with no luck.  So I am starting my own dicscussion.  I just purchased my WD TV Live last week.  I hooked it up at first via ethernet.  It seemed to work ok but after a few minutes the connection froze. I restarted it and it worked ok again for a few minutes. I get the same results over many tries.  Finally I switched it to wireless and its been working flawless for a week.  Today I tried to tackle the Ethernet drop issues again with no luck.  The WD TV is hooked up to a 50ft cord attached to a hub then another 10 feet.  (works well on other devices).  When i check the modem admin screen it does not appear to have any conflicts.  Not sure what to do from here.  Any suggestions?