Author Topic: No media library - it's enough now  (Read 928 times)

September 04, 2013, 12:31:29 PM
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it's the first time i post, but believe me, i have read tons of posts here regarding this issue.

Every time the electric power goes down, i always have to reset this thing after, or else it won't recognize the media library (connecting to a Synology). And then, i have to create another media library again, and again....

I'm just tired of doing this. Every other aspects of the wdtv are very good (especially reading srt files), but having to do this 2 or 2 times a month is too much.

I've tried other ways, as accessing videos through media server or network share, but as i have lots of movies is not so easy to browse them. I know it's not a configuration problem too, because it works everytime after reseting.

any help would be appreciated (including suggestions of other hardware too as i think this won't be easy to solve unless new firmware corrects this)