Author Topic: no network shares after 1.02 - SOLVED  (Read 1310 times)

September 03, 2013, 08:00:29 PM
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sorry I posted thin in the wrong area earlier

Hi   thanks for any help

I wanted to run MOVIESHEETS+

I updated to  1.05.04_B_WDLXTV.COM_WDLXTV_PLUS-
     no problem  things worked

and then  I copied the root.bin file from the Live custom firmware 1.02.21-EXT3-BOOT_LIVE- . (

and now I have no access to network shares . . .
I restarted everything etc etc

but it still just tries to connect and never does

BTW  i'm on a WIN7 PC  and I use a wd live +



checked around in settings and seen
'Clear login info for network share'
went back to video/n shares/ connected   . . . . :)
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