Author Topic: LAN cable from pc to WDTV and HDD connected to PC  (Read 800 times)

August 18, 2013, 09:48:06 PM
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Ok here is my situation. I have two 3TB HDD's connected to my desktop PC (Win7) via USB 3.0. My WDTV Live HD (not WiFi model) is close enough to use ethernet so I want to use that instead of WiFi to stream from my PC to my WD. But I still use WiFi for my PC to connect to the internet with. The WD does see my computer (in media but not network shares) but doesn't see my HDDs. They are shared HDDs and so are the folders inside them. I have turned off password protected sharing, enabled Media Streaming, but still no luck.
I tried what one forum said and made the IP and Subnet static ( and respectively) but still no luck. I allowed internet to be shared over ethernet which in turn needed to make the WD use an automatic connection method, still nothing. I am really stuck for ideas been at it for hours going on a day! Please any help will be greatly appreciated!?!?
BTW WiFi lags a bit for me or sometimes I can't connect to the PC at all so that's why I want ethernet. I want to get the full use of USB 3.0 by keeping it on the PC so attaching the HDD to the WD is not an option.