Author Topic: Help Installing WDLXTV  (Read 2714 times)

August 10, 2013, 09:49:57 PM
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My goal is to have my Gen 1 WDTV have a 1TB external Hdd plugged into it, and be able to ftp to it to wirelessly send movies, etc.

Ok, here is what I have tried:

Put wdlxtv firmware + on FAT32 formatted thumb drive. Have also tried this same procedure on FAT32 formatted 1TB External Hdd.

Edited net.config by adding:


It seems to show me an IP address when I install firmware with thumbdrive, but not with External Hdd.

I telnet in using putty, and set a password.

So once IP is showing i swap out thumb drive for external hdd, I assume my problem lies within here somewhere. I have added the net.config, and usb adapter drivers to the external hard drive as well.

But once I reboot unit, I get "NO-IP" message.

Not sure where to go from here.

Any Help is Appreciated!